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1-AD (Ergo-pharm 60 caps)


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You are about to be introduced to the future of prohormones. It is called 1-AD, and it is without a doubt the single most amazing prohormone to be synthesized and sold as a nutritional supplement. Let’s put it all together and see what 1-AD has to offer: * High oral activity * Conversion to a hormone 700% more potent than Testosterone * Absolutely NO aromatization to estrogens * Natural and safe There can be no argument that this is the ultimate prohormone. Believe us, there simply are no natural compounds out there that can come close to what 1-AD does, so don’t even bother looking. 1-AD is Now Available in Stores Near You The ultimate prohormone is not just a dream anymore.1AD is now available in stores near you. 1-AD is only available from ErgoPharm and can be found in hardcore gyms and in health-food stores across the country.